SafePointYou are safe  at your home or your office.
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Your home’s control is now in your mobile. At any time, you can control your home or your workplace.
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Request Free Survey Using the latest technology and sensors, our systems offers instant detecting of any changes in your place.
SafePoint Alarm Monitoring
SafePoint Alarm Monitoring Center provides
service 24/7
360° SecurityAlarm, Fire, Camera, Gas Leak, Panic, Medical Assistance are all together with 6 Points Effective Protection Package.
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With our latest technology and precision sensors we use, we are working for you by instantly detecting any changes in your place so that you would not bother for home when you are outside, and would sleep well feeling in safety.
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OUR SERVICESWe are here to protect what are valuable for you.
hırsızlık önleme Intrusion Alarm We are monitoring the robbery attempts instantly with the 6 Points Effective Protection Package and reporting it immediately.
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yangın önleme Fire Alarm With the 6 points Effective Protection Package, we detect the fire before it grows yet and direct the respective team to you.
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acil yardım Emergency Health When you need health care, it is enough that you just press the ambulance button on your panel. We direct the teams immediately.
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akıllı ev Smart Home With additional modules you will use, you can have a smart home system that includes alarm, fire, and camera system.
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safepoint kamera Camera Due to SafePoint Camera System, you are there even if you are not at home. You can see what you value.
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gaz kaçağı Gas Due to the gas detectors that are included in the effective protection safety package we make necessary directions detecting the gas leaks before they spread yet.
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panik butonu Panic Due to panic button, you can request for assistance by pressing a single button even if there is no system setup.
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